I must say that I am glad that most of my favourite  TV shows are back  and I have to start with the recap of the newest show so far, Gotham.

A little recap is in order. As we all know Penguin killed Fish Mooney *sobs* and took over the Gotham crime kingdom or so to speak, making Don Falcone retire.

Speaking of Penguin, he is pretty much enjoying himself as the new boss.


On to season 2, the episode titled “Damned if you do” sees James Gordon  demoted to uniform duty and we see him directing traffic when a certain Zardan, the soul killer disrupts the peace forcing him to make an arrest. This forces police commissioner Leob to take away Jim’s gun and badge leaving him totally on edge.


Jim goes to Penguin to help him get his job back, provided he helps Penguin recover a debt from a strip club owner who owed Falcone money. Jim recovers the money but ends up killing the strip club owner.

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Jim’s partner Harvey Bullock resigned from the GCPD and he seems happy with his new life. Its good to see that he still got his partner’s back.


Penguin keeps his promise and forces commissioner Leob to resign his post and GCPD’s captain Essen is given the position.

Speaking of Bruce Wayne, he found the passage behind his library and found a steel door which needed a password to get in. He eventually enlists a reluctant Alfred to blow up the door and he finds a cave where his dad left him a letter and asks him to chose the right path, when he has found his true calling.

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And what will Gotham be without new villains. Gotham welcomes two villains, siblings Theo and Tabitha Galavan who break out Barbara Keen and a few Arkham Asylum inmates to help him spread havoc and mayhem in Gotham City.

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So basically the episode was a plus, looking forward to many story arcs that have developed in the first episode.