Trevor Noah finally made his debut as the The Daily Show host and pretty much made a good impression. I laughed all through the entire show!

Trevor Noah took over the show after Jon Stewart and personally I feel 20 minutes was way to little for the first episode.

On to my favorite thing about comedy, jokes. I have a number of best ones but I will quote a few, literally!!

  • “Jon Stewart was more than just a late night host. He was often our voice, our refuge, and in many ways, our political dad, and now it’s weird, because dad has left. And now, it feels like the family has a new step dad, and he’s black, which is not ideal.”
  • “It turns out that Comedy Central did ask women to host, and the women they asked turned the job down, because they all had better things to do and clearly knew something I didn’t. Also, why didn’t they get an American to host? Again, Comedy Central tried, and those people also declined. So once more, a job Americans rejected is now being done by an immigrant.”
  • “Seeing as this is my first show, we wanted to start it off with something a little light, so here we go…Syria!”


Senior Congressional Respondent Jordan Kleeper also made an impression. While responding to the resignation of Congress Speaker John Boehner’s resignation, he was on his way to a breakdown.

vlcsnap-2015-09-29-12h45m27s195 vlcsnap-2015-09-29-12h45m47s138

“The desk is different, there’s a new font, I mean nobody asked me! I just bought a condo. Why’d I buy a condo?!”

Roy Wood, Senior Mars Correspondent also killed it when responding to the discovery of water in Mars.

” I can tell you that I don’t give a s–t”. He further added, ” A brother can’t catch a cab you think he can catch a spaceship?!” Hands down!!!

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And  Kevin Hart stopped by, setting the record for most appearances.


All in all, the show was a huge success and I am now a fan of the Daily Show!